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2021/22 Executive Council

Michele MacDonald, Donna Beischlag, Kent MacDonald, Ryan Ward, Bonnie Eddy. 

We meet before the general meeting in the months of August, October, December, February, April, and June.

Where: Due to Covid-19 the Executive meets virtually until further notice. 


General Meeting

Our affiliates meets on the third Tuesday of every month from September to June. Meetings are not held in July or August. 

Where: Due to Covid-19 we meet virtually until further notice. Notification of meeting is emailed to recognized affiliates. 

When: From 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm 


Subcommittees: Volunteer members for all subcommittees are selected during the General Meetings. Dates for meetings are determined as needed by each subcommittee. 


2021/22 Women's Committee

Michele MacDonald, Donna Beischlag, Izabel Gangris, Bev MacDonald, Ryan Ward

Our mandate is to come together in solidarity with women. This committee shall:

  • Participate in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (September) in support of Barrie’s Women and Children shelter, each year. 
  • Participate in Take Back the Night event (September) each year. 
  • Partner/participate in the December 6th Day of Remembrance vigil each year. 
  • Organize an International Women’s Day event for March 8th, or as reasonably close to, each year. 
  • To send a representative(s) from the Women’s committee to attend Barrie’s Women and Children’s shelter annual fundraising luncheon (March).
  • Partner/participate with Simcoe Muskoka United Way in support of Tampon Tuesday events. 

Where: Due to Covid-19 the Women's Committee meets virtually until further notice.


2021/22 Labour Day Committee 

Michele MacDonald, Donna Beischlag, Ryan Ward, Kent MacDonald, Lori Murray, Donnie Mills

We are tasked with organizing the Barrie Labour Day Event. 

Where: Due to Covid-19 the Labour Day Committee meets virtually until further notice.


2021/22 Audit Committee

Rita Golds-Nikolic, Lori Murray, Donnie Mills, Resource: Kent MacDonald

This committee audits in person this Labour Councils financial statements. 

Where: TBA


2021/22 Day of Mourning Committee

Michele MacDonald, Donna Beischlag

We are tasked with organizing the Day of Mourning Event for April 28th. This day is the Labour Movements most solemn day. Thousands of workers, friends, and families of fallen workers gather at ceremonies to remember and honour those who have been injured or killed in the workplace.  

Where: Due to Covid-19 the Day of Mourning Committee meets virtually until further notice.


By-Laws Committee


Please contact President Michele MacDonald with any question.