Summer Project 2021

SUMMER PROJECT 2021 - Affiliate mapping
In partnership with North Simcoe Muskoka and District Labour Council, we worked with two incredible students to start our first member mapping project. We targeted Affiliates  and Non-Affiliates to get their valued labour perspectives. Although we still have work to do, this portion of the summer project was a success.
Introducing our 2021 summer students.
“My name is Aziz, and I'm a recent alumnus of the University of Toronto.
My research and career interests lie at the nexus of public policy and labour relations, and I am extremely excited to be part of this project. A bit about myself, I am an avid traveler, a foodie, and an adventurer.”
Claire is a fourth-year undergraduate student at McMaster pursuing a combined degree in Labour Studies and Political Science. She was introduced to the labour movement in her first year and has since become passionate about fair and safe employment, equity at work and beyond and the transformative power of collective action. She hopes that her work with both Labour Councils will be one of her first steps into a career and life that empowers the voices of workers.
Some of the results:
Thanks to Aziz and Claire the labour councils started with about 70 known locals but were able to increase that to more than 300 workplaces.
The majority of our Affiliates do believe that there is a good value for their dues in being affiliated with the Labour Council.
Our Non-Affiliated contacts indicated that they would be interested in join our Labour Council. If your union is one of them, please click on the contact us link.